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How do i turn off the auto layout function in the pcb window.?
when ever i manually arrange components, then change the schematic (ie add component) autotrax then moves the components on the pcb again.


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    There is nothing to turn off as DEX does not move parts places inside the PCB.

    Newly added parts are placed around the edge of the PCB.

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • Ah... I was organising the components outside the PCB border, then when adding another component to the schematic it would add that component to the pcb (outside the border) and move the components i had moved. I made the PCB border bigger ( to fit my organising of components) and now it doesn't move the components already there. the new components don't always go outside the border though.

  • Hello, something strange happens to me, I almost have a schematic and board ready. Then I wanted to add a protective diode in the circuit diagram and I have that not yet connected just placed in the circuit diagram and my circuit board is messed up. What's happening??

  • Looks like you added 10 more parts and DEX placed them around the border.

    Use undo...

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • Undo can undo each change to the point where you first saved the design.
    It goes past closing and opening DEX.

    Redo does the same.

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • I also did it, but at the moment it doesn't help as soon as I add my diode to the circuit diagram, the same thing happens

  • Well without the project nobody can help you.

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • It sure seems like all the extra parts are associated with the diode. Did you copy the diode from a different project and somehow accidentally pick up the extra parts.

    I would check the part in the library.

    Did you do a drag and drop to add the diode to the project.

  • Sodie,

    Open one of your history backups and find the last one that has the circuit in tact as you want it.. then save it as the file name you want to call it.



  • There's no net lines shown in the first one, did you hide them? otherwise that loss of connections may be an indicator as to what the problem is...

  • Now I started the autorouter, added my diode again and the problem is suddenly gone. I'm starting to think that this has to do with Electra and maybe my problems with Nets too...

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