Is it possible to create a SOP4 parametric part?

I can see how to create a dip parametric part but cannot seem to find a way to create a surface mount IC part. I would like too have the 3D part in my design but it is not critical. Just would be nice to have.

The Parametric section is blank for the SO parts. I tried using a custom SOT-353 part with no success.


  • Create it as a SOIC in the New Part Wizard, adjust X pitch to match SOP. Double check Inner and Outer size still fits SOP requirements. Pad size can also be changed at this point. Always double check the dimensions though before using. If you can't get what you want in the wizard, finish it anyway then go back and edit it from the library.

  • Rixen:
    Thanks that worked. I now have a 3D part in my design. The only issue is the real part body is slightly smaller than the parametric body but not a big deal.

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