Route Panel- what does red highlight mean?

I have a net highlighted in red on the route panel, there are no DRC errors and routing on it is 100%.... not sure what it signifies...


  • Sorry, but I don't know what you mean.
    Can you please add a screenshot?

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • edited March 15

    The Net B+ appears in pink/red. It's selected, but even if I select another Net, B+ still shows as pink/red. It looks like it's trying to tell me something is wrong or special about B+ like it's failed DRC (which would be a useful feature maybe!)

  • I don't know as I cannot reproduce.

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • Seemed to be fine, I carefully checked the net, couldn't see any problem and manufactured the boards anyway.

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