Changing Hosting Service

I am changing the hosting service from to to

Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX


  • You will need to download the latest version direct from:

    After that, DEX will download for you.

    This is caused by a change of web services.

    Sorry :(

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • Website Moved

    The website hosting is now provided by

    The website response is faster - though it was fast before.

    However, due to a change in the web services, older versions of AutoTRAX may not detect new versions. If your version is older than Version 2021.3.22 then you may need to do a one off download direct from here.

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • I don't know if it's related to the above, but I've recently had a couple of oddities.
    First, today AdAware suddenly deleted DEX.EXE as being malicious... (no warning, no option to change what it was going to do - it just did it).
    Secondly I tried to reinstall by rerunning the already-downloaded DEX-2021.3.26 and it failed (I didn't understand the messages it gave).
    Finally, I just went to re-download (now DEX-2021.3.28) and when the download started, MalwareBytes objected to the page it went on to as being a possible scam site!

    I'll try to run the newly-downloaded install is a while, and report back.

  • Uninstall AdAware and ask for your money back. It's obviously making mistakes. It's not helping you; far from it, it's making your life difficuit.

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

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