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Hello everyone, I have a problem. I created a circuit board and wanted the routes to be different. I deleted all the tracks and suddenly nets are no longer visible. Switching on and off has no function. The settings have also been deleted. I can't make them visible. Nets are only visible when I make a completely new circuit.
Can someone help me please


  • hope I'm not mentioning something you already tried- restore to before you deleted the tracks?

  • When you delete a track in PCB (which you can only do with Strict Design "off" in design rules) it will normally also delete the connection in schematic

  • It would really help if you uploaded the project.
    Delete a few parts ig you are worried about privacy.

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • No project!

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

  • Hello everyone, since the last update 2021.3.27 it is snowing again. Below under Show Settings I just turned everything off and on. For functions TPH Nets, Split Power Nets, Nets. Then I finished my work and the next time the nets were visible. This has happened to me before. I have just retrieved the backup data nets are everywhere. Should that happen again I immediately upload the schematic. Thank you for your interest.

  • When it happens are there still connections in the schematic?

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    There is also this button. It will get rid of all the nets for you!

    Iliya Kovac is the developer of AutoTRAX DEX

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    Hi Sodie65,

    If you just wished to remove all of the tracks but keep the nets the easiest way is in the ROUTE panel click on the UNROUTE ALL button.

    See image attached.



  • Hello Iliya, yes everything else was fine. All connections were there. Only nets were no longer visible.

  • Hello bignik, yes I also deleted everything. I then re-routed. The conductor tracks were made again so far in order. After I deleted one or the other track, a yellow net should normally be visible, but it wasn't.

  • Delete removes connections, not unroutes them. It's best to keep ones finger away from the delete key when routing tracks :)

  • for unrouting individual tracks i like to right click over the track, click on "track" in the menu, then you can unroute track, segment or net.

  • I wish you all a Happy Easter!

  • Thanks Sodie65, I will be fabricating a large project I just finished designing on DEX over the Easter weekend. Fingers crossed for no smoke on testing.

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